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1. Minimise manual control

Gone are the days of needing to manually control lighting, heating, etc for each room. In a traditional building, we’re used to making an extra effort just to be aware of turning off the lights or the heating to save on energy costs. Well with Loxone, this can all be easily configured to happen automatically through Loxone Config.

The brain behind every installation, the Miniserver, can also inform you when actions are needed for maintenance, changes of filters, etc. So paired with intuitive software tools, it’s easier than ever to create a complete system that works together and meets a wide range of needs for automation in buildings.

Example: Heating and automatic blinds intelligently working together
Loxone brings all aspects of a building into one comprehensive system. If it’s a sunny day, for example, the Miniserver will automatically raise the blinds in order to heat the room naturally – if the desired temperature is reached the heating will be scaled back. This is just one example of how Loxone can intelligently automate a building.

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