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Remember the first epaper watch on Kickstarter from Pebble which simply blew the records because of its cool concept and product quality? Over the years, crowdfunding has grown exponentially in terms of delivering new product concepts we’ve never seen before. Presenting 20 such amazing crowdfunding gadgets that have made us go wow.

Over the years, we have come across too many crowdfunding campaigns with outstanding product concepts. In recent times, things have got even better and we’ve seen some of the most amazing crowdfunding gadgets never seen before. From personal  holographic displays to couch consoles, these crowdfunding gadgets are undoubtedly cool and useful.

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​So, today’s daily digest is all about them. Highlighting 20 such amazing crowdfunding gadgets you can easily add to your life. You’re bound to like these for sure.

Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder

A Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder that actually notifies you when birds arrive then snaps their photo and organizes them into a beautiful collection is a gadget worth talking about. You’ve never been this close to your feathered friends with any of the other crowdfunding gadgets out there.

Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder

Bird Buddy smart bird feeder outdoors

Lumos Ultra LED Bike Helmet

A Lumnos Ultra LED Smart Helmet protects you during your twilight and nighttime rides. It comes with integrated LED lighting, turn signals, and other smart features that keep you visible and predictable to other drivers. It’s one of the most practical crowdfunding gadgets we’ve seen.

Vaonis Vespera Lightweight Telescope

With the Vaonis Vespera Lightweight Telescope, you can stargaze in your own backyard or during your outdoor adventures. Use it to capture photos of galaxies, nebulae, the moon, and more.

Looking Glass Portrait

It sounds incredible, but the Looking Glass Portrait is a personal holographic display. Just capture a photo with any camera, and this device lets you transform it into a realistic hologram. It can even move and talk in tandem with you.

Looking Glass Portrait

Looking Glass Portrait with a hologram

ROLI LUMI Portable Beginner’s Keyboard

Want to learn how to play the piano? The ROLI LUMI Portable Beginner’s Keyboard lets you play your favorite songs faster since each key lights up with the exact note you need to play.

Artiphon Orba Handheld Musical Instrument

If you’re a musician, you’re going to love the Artiphon Orba Handheld Musical Instrument. It works intuitively as a synth, loop, and controller. Best of all, it fits in the palm of your hand so you can take it anywhere.

Knocki Make any Surface Smart Device

A Knocki Make any Surface Smart Device makes the surfaces around you smarter. Just attach it to a surface and watch it transform into a touch interface. You have to see it to believe it.

Knocki Make Any Surface Smart Device

Knocki Make Any Surface Smart device on a table

Rotrics DexArm Robot Desk Arm

A Rotrics DexArm Robot Desk Arm will turn your desktop into a workshop. Its capabilities include drawing, laser engraving, 3D printing, and more. It’s one of our favorite crowdfunding gadgets for creative professionals.

Rotrics DexArm Robot Desk Arm

Rotrics DexArm robot desk arm on a desk

Lofelt Basslet Watch-Size Subwoofer

Why listen to your music when you can feel it? Thanks  Lofelt Basslet Watch-Size Subwoofer lets you experience powerful bass right on your body for an immersive music experience.

Square Off NEO & SWAP Automated AI Board Games

For a cool table game experience, check out the Square Off NEO & SWAP Automated AI Board Games. The pieces move on their own thanks to AI, and the games adapt to your skill level. It’s one of the most fun crowdfunding gadgets out there.

Reevo Hubless eBike

Hands down, the Reevo Hubless eBike is one cool bike. Its wheels are spokeless, so it looks pretty futuristic. With three drive modes: pedal, adaptive, and throttle, it takes you up to 37 miles in style.

Ebite Inc Couch Console

An Ebite Inc Couch Console is the perfect accompaniment to your gaming nights and Netflix binges. This modular couch tray has compartments for your remote, snack, and cups. It also has a charging plug.

BeYou Transforming Chair

A BeYou Transforming Chair is one of our must-have crowdfunding gadgets for your home office. It lets you focus and relax in ten different positions so that you can work comfortably, no matter how you like to sit.

Mendi Brain Training Headband

Or, stretch your brain power with a Mendi Brain Training Headband. This wellness gadget gives you access to fun, stimulating brain exercises that help you focus and relax. It’s the same technique used by pro athletes, executives, and astronauts.

Mendi Brain Training Headband

Mendi brain training headband and a family

OmniCharge Omni Off-Grid Portable Camping Power Station

When you’re off-grid, you still need power. And the OmniCharge Omni Off-Grid Portable Camping Power Station can help. It comes with 16 different power ports and boasts a 1,500 Wh battery. That should be plenty for your weekend camping trip.

OmniCharge Omni Off-Grid Portable Camping Power Station

VAVA Portable SSD Touch Secure External Storage

Want an incredibly secure SSD? The VAVA Portable SSD Touch Secure External Storage is one of those crowdfunding gadgets you’ve been looking for. It has fingerprint and AES 256-bit encryption, so nobody’s getting to your files but you.

WooBloo SMASH Portable Smart Projector

Create a theater-like experience for your movie nights with the WooBloo SMASH Portable Smart Projector. Set it up in your living room, bedroom, or backyard for an incredible project. You can command it via Alexa, too, for super convenience.

WooBloo SMASH portable smart projector

WooBloo SMASH portable smart projector on a coffee table

HeimVision Assure BI 2K Ultra H Security Camera

Get all the home security features you need with the HeimVision Assure BI 2K Ultra H Security Camera. This sleek little camera is weatherproof, has two-way audio, a 130-degree field of vision, voice assistance, and more.

Recharge FlexBEAM Therapy Device

Post-workout sore muscles are painful. But you can quicken your body’s recovery process with a Recharge FlexBEAM Therapy Device. It targets infrared light on overworked areas of the body to turbocharge the healing process.

Recharge FlexBEAM Therapy Device

Recharge FlexBEAM therapy device on a person

ORA GQ Graphene Headphones

And the ORA GQ Graphene Headphones deliver quite an audio experience. They use graphene, a Nobel prize-winning material that disperses sound throughout the driver for premium quality. It also gives you a 70% increase in battery life.

These crowdfunding gadgets are truly impressive. When companies and their customers work together to create a new product, the result is nothing short of amazing. Which of these gadgets do you want to get? Let us know in the comment section.

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