Air-Blown Cyberpunk Objects : cyberpunk steel objects

The release of the “Cyberpunk 2077” game has inspired Zieta Studio to launch a collection of advanced steel objects with a retro-futurist aesthetic that is reminiscent of the popular game. The steel objects such as BOLID or PLOPP perfectly fit a dystopian world, where technology rules the living.

The Cyberpunk hyperreality is one where everything is controlled by mega-corporations, where technology rules the living, and where nature gives way to robotics. In this realm, this collection of air-inflated steel objects by Zieta reflects the bright side of the technological advance: the sincere and authentic one. These steel objects and mirrors are the result of experiments with bionics and parametric design, taking on organic forms and mysterious unearthly shapes.

Imagining the year 2077 and its limitless technological opportunities, Zieta Studio uses an advanced method of FiDU (Freie Innen Druck Umformung), which relies on air to inflate 2D metal objects into 3D forms. The studio delivers objects that perfectly mirror bionics and robotics by deconstructing steel and translates its design principles into the DNA of metal. This leads to the creation of unconventional cyberpunk objects such as ultralight RONDO and TAFLA mirrors, the PLOPP stool, the Chippensteel chair and the BOLID object-mirror.

Image Credit: Zieta Studio, BWA Studio Gallery

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