Apple Music Playlists only visible on and nowhere else (missing from iTunes and iPhone) : AppleMusic

I’m trying to give Apple Music a shot after migrating my playlists from Spotify using songshift, but so far I’m having a really, really hard time.

  1. As you can see in this screenshot from, It’s successfully showing the beginning of a LONG list of playlists migrated from spotify:

  2. In iTunes on my Windows PC, I’m missing the “Playlists” tab I expect to see at the top. See here: According to this article, I should have a Playlists tab in iTunes (though this article is for macOS). EDIT: The playlists now show up under “All Playlists” on the left sidebar even though there’s no “Playlists” in the header like in the macOS screenshot from that article. But I don’t appear to be able to make a playlists folder. What am I missing? I can’t make a folder on the interface either. Any tips?

  3. On my iPhone 11 running the latest iOS, you can see in this screenshot that no playlists exist at all!

Any advice? On the PC, I am signed into iTunes with my Apple ID, it’s on the latest version, and I’ve closed and re-opened it.

I’ll probably only use most of the time on my PC because I don’t want to install iTunes on my work PC, but I’m trying to get the playlists to show up on my personal PC so I can create folders, like an “Air” folder instead of having a few dozen Air playlists to scroll through to get to anything else.

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