Apple Surpassed Samsung as World’s Largest Smartphone Maker in Fourth Quarter : iphone

Current Note 20 Ultra user, before that the wife and I switched to Apple after the Note Fire Edition. The transition to Apple was rough at first, but easily adaptable. I was holding out to see what the iPhone 12 would offer as we were on the Xs Max (stupid naming) but ATT was doing the bogo deal for the Note 20 Ultra and we switched back.

Problems I have with Android, well Samsung is their bloatware. Jesus Christ, there are apps on this phone that I don’t want, nor use and you can not get rid of them at all. Samsung shoves bloat down your throat that can not be disabled or deleted. Optimization, iPhones have the best-optimized phones in the market, the standby time on an iPhone kills anything Samsung-related. One hard thing to deal with is leaving the iPhone ecosystem, that’s how they get you. Some of the Apple apps are just better than Android apps. I do miss imessages, messages received from iPhone users now that have any type of media look like a straight pixelated ass on my Note.

I do love the Notes screen size and s-pen. I like that I can put in a micro sd card as does my wife because she takes a ton of pictures and videos. The reverse wireless charging is also nice to have when my watch battery is low or my daughter needs to charge her iPhone. I also have the Galaxy Watch 3 which I like more than my series 3 Apple watch due to the circular display, watch face options, and rotating bezel. There are ways to root this phone, but you lose some key features which I am not ok with. All in all, due to the forced bloatware from Samsung, I think once I pay this phone off I will hope back over to Apple with the iPhone 14 or whatever it will be called. Hopefully, the notch will have shrunken and the screen hertz will have been bumped up by then.

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