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Looking to round out your EDC at the end of 2020? Well, you’re in luck. Today, we’re rounding up the best EDC gear that we’ve come across this year. Check out this blog for items that are super handy to have at your side.

You want to be prepared for what life throws at you every day. That’s the whole idea behind EDC. Small and light enough to carry in your pocket or small bag, these are the useful, practical products you want to have near you each day. And in 2020, the EDC definition has expanded to pocket-sized items that help keep you healthy when you’re out and about. As you’ll see in our best EDC gear guide of 2020, we’ve included everything you need to navigate life outside the home.

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To keep your hands clean wherever you go, look no further than this wearable hand sanitizer. When your disinfectant attaches to your pocket, it’s always within reach. And this multitool is super useful because it transforms into six different tools. So, with all that in mind, let’s take a look at the best EDC gear guide of 2020.

hardgraft Stuff It Box Hold-All Case

Organize all your loose items with the hardgraft Stuff It Box Hold-All Case. This beautiful leather case fits business cards, coins, cash, keys, and more.

Crash Baggage Durable Backpacks

Another great item on our list of the best EDC gear guide of 2020 is the Crash Baggage Durable Backpacks. These sturdy backpacks come in four designs and are great for holding all your essentials.

Native Union Curve Silicone AirPods Case

Your earbuds will be stylin’ when they wear the Native Union Curve Silicone AirPods Case. Available in black, navy, and rose, this textured cover fits tightly to your AirPods case. And when it’s completely closed, this earbuds case looks entirely seamless. However, it’s easy to open with just one hand when you need to get a headphone out or back in. Not only that but thankfully you’re also able to wirelessly charge through this case. That means it always protects your earbuds, and you don’t have to go through the annoying hassle of removing the case.

Osma Portable Coffee Device

Of course, you’d like a cold brew while you’re out and about. And the Osma Portable Coffee Device helps you make one in fewer than two minutes. Portable, its patent-pending design uses immersion, pressure, and circulation to make great-tasting coffee.

MAVEN C.3 Full-Size Binoculars

Capture every detail with the MAVEN C.3 Full-Size Binoculars. It boasts a large, 50 mm lens so objects appear brighter and clearer in the viewfinder.

MAVEN C.3 Full-Size Binoculars

MAVEN C.3 full-size binoculars in use

MOFT Snap-on Stand & Wallet for iPhone 12 Series

The MOFT Snap-on Stand & Wallet for iPhone 12 Series is another excellent item on our best EDC gear guide of 2020. It has a simple, portable design and attaches to your phone with magnets.

Orbitkey Clip v2 Quick-Release Keychain

Keep your keys where you need them with the Orbitkey Clip v2 Quick-Release Keychain. This useful gadget has a magnetic release system that lets you access your key quickly and hang them anywhere.

LifeHandle Carry Anything Sling System

Active families can appreciate the LifeHandle Carry Anything Sling System. This sling system lets parents secure their child—or dog—securely for hands-free carry.

RHA TrueControl ANC Bluetooth Earbuds

Control what you hear with the RHA TrueControl ANC Bluetooth Earbuds. This item is on our best EDC gear guide of 2020 because it offers adjustable ambient modes as well as advanced noise cancellation. Now that’s what you want to have in your pocket.

3COIL Puna Multitool with Action Case

Stay prepared with the 3COIL Puna Multitool with Action Case. This tool case with a modern design gives you a knife, two screwdrivers, a hex key, and a bottle opener in one keychain tool.

band&roll Kangaroo Leather Smartphone Wallet Case

Get style and protection when you have the band&roll Kangaroo Leather Smartphone Wallet Case. This leather smartphone wallet case stores your money and cards, and it protects your phone.

TIPEN 2.0 Minimal EDC Pen

Another cool item on our best EDC gear guide of 2020 is the TIPEN 2.0 Minimal EDC Pen. It’s pretty much indestructible with its Grade 5 titanium body and Silicon Nitride Ceramic tip. Best of all, you can keep it on your keychain.

AntiVirBag Portable Air Cleaner

Ensure that the air you’re breathing is clean when you have the AntiVirBag Portable Air Cleaner. It’s an ionizer and ozonizer that neutralizes 99.9% of airborne particles.

Nomatiq Dual Arc Lighter Collection

Another great item on our best EDC guide of 2020 is the Nomatiq Dual Arc Lighter Collection. It’s powered by electricity instead of butane, so you can recharge it with the included USB charger.

ChargeCard by AquaVault

Have a charger for your devices at all times when you have the ChargeCard by AquaVault. This credit card-sized charger fits in your wallet and quickly charges your phone and other devices while you’re out.

The James Brand Pike Vintage-Style Pocket Knife

Enjoy the beautiful design of The James Brand Pike Vintage-Style Pocket Knife. This woodsy knife features a simple design and a sleek black Sandvik steel blade.

The James Brand Pike Vintage-Style Pocket Knife

The James Brand Pike vintage-style pocket knife in a person’s hand

Blue Leather Backpack

The Blue Leather Backpack is a great way to keep all your EDC items nearby and organized. This leather bag gives you just enough space for your essentials and even a few extras.

Amazon 2nd Gen Echo Frames

A great EDC wearable is the Amazon 2nd Gen Echo Frames. These innovative frames give you open-ear audio and hands-free Amazon Alexa access.

mophie juice pack connect Portable Wireless Charger

Get 70% more battery power for your smartphone when you have the mophie juice pack connect Portable Wireless Charger. This gadget is portable and works with any Qi-enabled smartphone.

mophie juice pack connect Portable Wireless Charger

mophie juice pack connect portable wireless charger on a phone

Glouv Lite Mask Storage

The Glouv Lite Mask Storage disinfects your mask using UV-C technology and gives you a clean place to store your mask when you’re on the go.

Wingback Key Cache EDC Money Stash

Store your bills in the Wingback Key Cache EDC Money Stash. This machined metal capsule is great for on-the-go emergencies and is an accessory you can keep near you all the time.

Go.C Wearable Hand Sanitizer

It’s easy to keep your hands clean when you have the Go.C Wearable Hand Sanitizer. Simply press the button, and the right amount of hand sanitizer will dispense directly onto your hand. Best of all, this gadget attaches to your pocket.

There were so many great EDC gadgets and accessories this year. Let us know which of these products you found the most interesting in the comments.

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