Best Mac Mini Deals: $99 off M1 model at Amazon

If you’re already using iPhone and iPad devices and are knee-deep in Apple services, it makes sense to get a Mac for a seamless computing experience.

For many folks, Apple’s all-in-one iMac machines might be a tad over budget, especially if you already have peripherals like a display or keyboard set up at home, and a laptop doesn’t suit everyone’s use case. That’s where the Mac mini comes in.

The Mac mini may already be the most affordable entry point into the macOS ecosystem, but you don’t have to pay full price to get one.

The newest model on the market is from 2020 and made the move to Apple’s own M1 chipset, though you can occasionally still find deals on the previous-gen Intel models. We’ve got the skinny on the best deals on both versions below, though we’d recommend the newer model for future-proofing and performance purposes.

Best Mac Mini Deals

If you’re hoping to buy an Apple computer but hoping to spend closer to $500 than $1,000, the Mac mini is a stellar pick. The latest model features Apple’s M1 Chip which is designed exclusively for use on Mac and integrates the CPU, GPU, Neural Engine, I/O, and more into a single system for a boosted Mac mini unlike any that have come before it.

With a regular price starting at $699 for the model with 8GB RAM and 256GB, this remains one of the best ways to score yourself a more affordable Mac, though the below deals can help you get one for less.

Mac Mini Price Tracking

Apple computers tend to hold their prices pretty well and don’t even drop that steeply during Black Friday and other seasonal sales. That being said, third-party retailers do offer sales periodically so you can pretty much always make a small saving if you know where to look.

The latest M1 Mac mini has sold for as little as $600 since its 2020 release which is $990 off its regular price and well worth jumping on if you see it at that price.

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