Chromatic Waterproof Binoculars : waterproof binoculars

Nocs Provisions has released a collection of aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, durable and high-performance waterproof binoculars that are designed to help you get the most out of outdoor environments, whether on land or on sea.

Appropriately dubbed the Land & Sea Collection, these waterproof binoculars come in a range of gorgeous colors inspired by the great outdoors of the state of California, where the company is based and which is the source of inspiration for these delightful instruments. The colors, which include marigold yellow, cobalt blue, poppy orange, granite gray and the stunning sea foam green, add a pop of vibrancy to the already venerated Nocs 8×25 Standard Issue binoculars, although the classic favorite Nocs hues of cypress, flat earth and squid ink will also continue to be available.

The waterproof binoculars hailing from the Land & Sea Collection offer far more than just visual appeal however, and certainly deliver on the performance front. With 8x magnification coupled with phase coating technology, these binoculars offer a spectacular balance between zoom and clarity, optimizing both and compromising on neither. While you’re peering out your binoculars, you won’t be hindered by fog whatsoever due to the nitrogen-filled chambers that ensure a crystal-clear view. If you wish you could only share the stunning vistas you’re seeing with others, you don’t have to wish any further as you can simply twist out the eye cup and insert your phone camera up to the lens to take a photo.

For those of a more clumsy orientation, the Land & Sea Collection binoculars come with a rubber grip that is comfortable to use and capable of withstanding shocks from drops. Binocular-owners who also happen to be cycling enthusiasts may recognize that these grips are inspired by classic BMX handlebar grips, an act of intention rather than coincidence.

If you drop your binoculars into water, you won’t have to sweat any bullets because these binoculars are waterproof enough to be safely submersible in up to 3.3 feet of water for up to a half hour.

Whether it’s a perfect summer day, a crisp fall evening or a snowy and sleet-filled winter, these binoculars will hold up to the elements, with Nocs’ seriousness in this regard exemplified by the inclusion of a lifetime warranty that includes all manufacturing defects.

Available for only $89.95, these waterproof binoculars are the perfect compact binoculars for any and every outdoor adventure, while the company’s strong ethos of using eco-friendly packaging and partnering with local non-profit organizations serving to add an extra layer of satisfaction to the high performance that you’ll get from these beautiful and high-performance optical instruments.

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