Digital Smoke-Free Tobacco Products : heated tobacco

The Ploom S heated tobacco products are being launched into the UK market by JTI in a bid to help expand offerings and provide consumers with a way to enjoy tobacco in an alternative manner. The products will be sold through specialty branded lounges as well as at pop-up shops and online to make them easy for smokers or vape users to access. The device works with EVO tobacco sticks that come in several flavor options and work to heat the finely cut and microground tobacco for a rich, smoke-free experience.

JTI UK General Manager Dean Gilfillan spoke on the launch of the Ploom S heated tobacco products into the UK market saying, “The time is right for JTI to enter this exciting growth segment in the UK with a proven product that continues to grow in markets in which we have already launched. We are focused on meeting the needs of our consumers and providing them with the quality products they want, both today and in the future. Ploom S offers adult smokers the ultimate heated tobacco taste experience and, as the leading Tobacco Company in the market by sales and volume, we are ideally positioned to meet their needs.”

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