EqualPlus Review: Do These Glasses Work?

Having a good vision plays a vital role in anyone’s life. If you have some visual problems, you might know the struggle of doing certain things with difficulties. Certain foods are helpful for good opticals sight. But as a human being age, he/she might face some problems related to eyes or vision. There is no world without our eyes. If you can see it, you can enjoy it. Vision comes under the most important senses of a human. So having good eyesight has become a necessity for almost everyone these days.

 In earlier times, people used to face visual problems when they used to get old. But it is not the case in today’s world because now even kids and young people also go through visual impairment and blindness. Kids face the problem of weak eyesight a lot these days because of the increasing screen time, i.e., spending more time on using a laptop or smartphone. The majority of people rush to an optician and get their eyesight checked. Then further, an individual goes through various tests, and then the eye doctor prescribes them with spectacles. 

People who wear glasses know the struggle of wearing them in real life. Wearing spectacles all day long is not a fun or easy task. Sometimes they fall from your eyes, and sometimes you may trip over them, so one never knows when their glasses will break. As technology is increasing rapidly, the market is coming up with various types of spectacles that can improve your site themself and are comfortable to wear. Let us just have a look at EqualPlus eyeglasses and their multiple traits in brief.

What is EqualPlus?

EqualPlus adjustable eyeglasses are the latest invention in the spectacles market. These glasses allow their users to adjust focus according to their requirements. One can have that clear vision they always wanted by wearing EqualPlus adjustable eyeglasses. These glasses are less with the latest technology through which one can increase or decrease the focal length of lenses.

These glasses are relatively easy and comfortable to wear. EqualPlus adjustable eyeglasses do look very stylish because of its frame and are very easy to clean. One can treat minor eye issues by wearing these glasses. These glasses are the only glasses that give its users the benefit of adjusting the focal length according to their needs. People who have visual impairment issues can wear EqualPlus adjustable eyeglasses with ease as well.

Main Features

  • Easy to use: Easy to use for absolutely anyone. Simple adjustable lenses have an easy to use dial that needs a little twist to give you preferred magnification.
  • Customizable: Perfect for both close-up and at-a-distance vision. With a simple twist of the dial, you can adjust glasses to maximum clarity for minor eye issues.
  • Ultra-Comfortable: Lightweight glasses are designed to comfortably rest on your nose without causing any pain or pressure. You wouldn’t even realize you have them on.
  • Individual eye adjustment: Immediately adjustable for each individual eye with dual-sliding lenses. Adjustable focus varies from -6.00 to +3.00.
  • Easy to clean: Due to its fingerprint-resistant polycarbonate lenses, you don’t have to clean lenses as often as regular ones. And when you do, you can quickly wipe it off, and it will become sparkling-clean again.
  • Stylish: Incredible unisex design glasses can suit both women and men. Glasses are designed to complement your fashion style, unlike cheap reading glasses from the store.
  • Affordable: such high-quality, fashionable design EQUALPLUS glasses that will restore your vision without an optician’s help are a genuine bargain. The company offers a generous discount and has a 30-day return policy with a hassle-free refund option.

How can I use EqualPlus adjustable glasses? 

Having gotten yourself a pair of this adjustable glasses, follow these simple steps to get the ball rolling:

EqualPlus adjustable glasses

First, put on your glasses just the way you wear your every day regular glasses and look at your mirror to make sure that it fits. Next, turn the provided dial at both ends of the spectacles to adjust its magnification. For short sightedness, keep on adjusting until you can see near objects perfectly, also for long sightedness, adjust the glasses until you can clearly make out distant objects. 

That is all you need to do. Very simple, it’s no rocket science.

After setting it up, you can comfortably read your papers, drive your cars and do whatever you wish without any difficulty. No need to schedule an appointment with  your eye doctor neither do you need to regularly change the frame of your old school glasses. That’s amazing right? 

Is Adjustable glasses better than the regular old school spectacles? 

Yes! EqualPlus adjustable glasses is far better than the regular glasses prescribed by physicians. Adjustable glasses have so many advantages over traditional glasses. See the table and picture below:

EqualPlus Adjustable Glasses Traditional Glasses
Affordable: one off payment very expensive requires maintenance cost
Adjustable: can be customized to correct different visual impairment non customizable: fixed prescription
Easy to use on-the-go involves expensive eye appointment
Seamless transition between up-close and distance viewing Good for viewing either up close or distant, not both
Individual eye adjustment No adjustment
Easy to clean Prone to finger prints and can easily get destroyed
Polycarbonate lenses for clarity and resistance Can be prone to scratches and reflection

Who is It For?

EQUALPLUS is suitable for anyone who struggles with minor eyesight issues. It conforms to people of any age and is suited for various minor vision problems, whether it is close-up or at-a distant eyesight. EQUALPLUS lenses are made to work with a minimal setup, so you can adjust and enjoy it right away. Tired eyes and blurred vision will become a thing of the past. Booking eye appointments with professionals and purchasing prescribed glasses can be extremely expensive. Especially when you need an additional lens adjustment because your eyesight is always changing slightly. However, with EQUALPLUS, you would not have this issue. EQUALPLUS lenses are easily customizable with seamless transition between near and far sightedness, and you can adjust it yourself! No more expensive and time-consuming appointments with doctors! With EQUALPLUS, you’ll be saving money and regaining your perfect vision.

How And Where Can I Purchase EqualPlus?

EQUALPLUS is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.

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