Facebook and Instagram are the most invasive apps

I noticed a while ago that every time I went on Facebook, I got angry at something. Then I tried muting the pages that did so, but it just kept putting other infuriating things on my feed. FB’s algorithm is designed to put things on your feed that makes you engage, and guess what? It’s easier to ignore a feel-good headline or post than one that makes you angry.

Even knowing this, I often fell into the trap of getting into an argument with a stranger online.. and for what? All it did was piss me off. I never changed anyone’s mind.

I don’t think an app that requires you to put up mental defences from giving in to bad impulses is a good app, so I got rid of it. But I hate that I lost this way to keep in touch with friends. Facebook used to be such a fun thing.

For that reason I’m still on Instagram and Whatsapp. Instagram is still mostly fun, as the feed is still only things from people you follow, instead of constant things like “your aunt Sharon said THIS on an article about VACCINES from a SHADY NEWS PAGE”.

Deleting Whatsapp would be social suicide. It’s the only app people use for texting where I live. I think 90% of people have never even used the default SMS app for anything other than 2FA-texts from their bank or whatever.

I’m sort of stuck with the company for now.

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