Hex Grip Gaming Keycap Set Textured for Mechanical Gaming » Petagadget

Using a unique honeycomb design, these textured Hex Grip keycaps provide the ultimate tactile feel. Hex Grips come with an adhesive underside for easy application to most keyboards’ keycaps. Hex Grips can be repositioned and removed without leaving a sticky residue. Apply Hex Grips to your wasd or directional keys to gain a competitive edge across all fps, moba, and mmo games! Set of 4 Grips, 3d printed in Black Resin for oem and Cherry style keycaps. Compatible with Membrane and Mechanical Keyboards. How to Apply: 1. Clean keycap surface thoroughly with mild soap and water and dry completely. 2. Peel away adhesive backing. 3. Align Hex Grip ontop of keycap and apply gentle downward pressure. 4. Repeat steps above for subsequent Hex Grips. If not aligned correctly initially, Hex Grips can be carefully removed and repositioned.

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