Hi Reddit! Here is my vision of how you can make Apple Music even better. (with concept) : AppleMusic

p.s I want to note that these concepts are not perfect and only demonstrate the main essence of my vision. I will forgive you not to find fault and understand the main point. Thanks! I apologize if my English is bad or not at a sufficient level – I am typing the text in google, translate it, as typing and translating myself is somehow lazy, sorry))) Hello from Russia ??❤️

  1. New menu in the player

In iOS 14, a new content selection window has appeared – Take a photo, Select from library, Select from files. I noticed it when I was looking for a picture on Google Images.


So why not apply the same principle in the Apple Music player?

new menu

and you can compare how much more space has become:


2) Separate access to artists

Now I’ll tell you what I mean: Suppose you are listening to dua lipa – levitating (feat. Dababy). And you need to go to DaBaby’s profile and for this you will drive it into Search. Why do this if you can go directly from the player? Presses on the first line “DuaLipa, Dababy”, everything else is removed and a list of artists appears. It’s simple.

Feats are created so that artists exchange audiences, but Apple Music solution creates an extra barrier. (Look in the direction of Spotify – I’ll be honest, this is a very useful solution)

And here is an example of how you can implement this:

Q: What if there are too many artists involved in a song and all of them don’t fit on the screen. What to do?

Ar: In iOS 14, this element has an “own list”, so this should not cause problems. In addition, this principle already works with a long hold on the “back” button in the upper left corner. Just substitute your long list of artists who participate in the song instead of this list from the screenshot and you will understand the meaning:

3) How to solve the problem of not displaying all the artist’s creativity on his own page?

Add the line “More from this artist”!

Participation in other albums, Compilations of sound companies and so on – about the same as we can see in Spotify in the line “More with this artist”.

If you also have any suggestions for new things in Apple Music, or what you would like to add to Apple Music – write about it in the comments below! Thanks for reading this post! Peace ✌️

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