Home Autionmation Rennovation with Only Loxone Air

Phase Two

After a successful implementation of heating control, the owners wanted to go one step further. Smart lighting, an intelligent burglar alarm, automation of the blinds and integration of the air conditioning system were all added. As they already had a Miniserver Go only peripheral devices were needed.

What was installed?

What functionality did this enable?

Automated blinds – meaning that they automatically adjust to the position of the sun. They also now help with passively heating and cooling rooms. If a room is too cold but the sun is shining the blinds will automatically be raised to try and heat the room through solar gain. The opposite can be done if a room is becoming too warm.

Automation of the air condition – much like the heating system now the aircon is also intelligently managed by Loxone giving the owners even more extensive temperature control in their flat.

Intelligent Burglar Alarm – a multi-phased intruder alarm which alerts the owners instantly regardless of where they are in the world.

Automated lighting – the lighting throughout the flat is now brought on by presence.

Lighting Moods – in the dining room there are multiple lighting moods which suit different scenarios and occasions. A ‘Cinema Mode’ had also been configured which lowers the blinds, brings on the TV and sets the lighting accordingly.

Control and monitoring of electrical devices – with the Smart Sockets many electrical devices in the flat are tied into the Loxone system. The electrical consumption of these devices can also be monitored.

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