Insta360’s action camera gets hefty Black Friday discount

(Pocket-lint) – If you’re keen on picking up an action camera, you’ve probably noticed that GoPro are far from the only name making great cameras on the market. 

Another solid set of options is offered up by Insta360, and one of the best alternatives it offers is the intriguing One R, a camera that sidesteps the issue of which lens you want on it by offering a modular system that lets you fit multiple. 

The camera effectively has a base that you attach two chunks to – one that’s a screen, the other that’s a lens body. That might be a 360-degree lens, a wide-angle, or a standard lens, depending on what you need at the time.

Handily, Insta360’s discounting multiple versions of the One R for Black Friday, so you can get savings on whichever one you think works best for you. First up, for example, is a handy Twin Edition of the One R, which comes with both a standard 4K lens and also a 360-degree alternative, to let you get vibrant footage in a range of scenarios.

The Insta360 One R Twin Edition is down from £439.99/$479.99 to just £373/$407, a chunky saving that you can find on Amazon UK here, or Amazon US here

Alternatively, you could opt for the 1-Inch Edition of the camera, which comes with just one lens, but what a lens – it’s a Leica-made 1-inch sensor that produces honestly jaw-dropping wide-angle shots that have to be seen to be believed. 

This premium lens version of the camera has a major £78.99/$82.99 discount to make it just £519.99/$467, which you can get from Amazon UK here, or Amazon US here

Finally, if that Leica lens has caught your eye but you want the option to get 360-degree video along with it, you could opt for the all-singing, all-dancing Ultimate Kit, which comes with both lenses, an included selfie stick (that’ll be painted right out of your footage) and a memory card, so that you’re ready to shoot straight out of the box.

You can grab the Insta360 One R Ultimate kit with a huge £134.96/$144.96 discount right now from Amazon UK here, or Amazon US here

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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