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Hate to be a party pooper, but I just don’t see what the big deal is with AOD on a phone.

Maybe someone can help shed some light (yup Pun) on their preference with AOD to help me understand?

When it comes to smart phones, Especially one with raise to wake the screen feature and just a single tap the screen to see a notification or time, I just don’t see the need. 80% if the time the phone is not in a viewable position for me to glance at it, so I have to raise it anyways.

If it is viewable at a glance, it’s in a dock and most likely connected to power, and the times I need it to be on constant I just switch it in settings while plugged in.

That has only happen like twice in a year when I needed to be aware of something on the screen while at a desk.

Regularly, It’s just a simple gesture that happens anyways when you pick up the phone to look at it and boom there’s the time and notifications.

I don’t care how efficient AOD can be made on any phone… It will still drain the battery which is not worth it for me.

For someone with an 12 mini and the smaller battery, you really may not want this feature. I have a 12 pro Max and I don’t want it. Lol.

On a watch it makes a little more sense because it’s a smaller screen and it has an aesthetic that looks better so for me it’s worth it on a smart watch but on a phone of any size the battery drain no matter how lite and efficient isn’t worth the small Convenience.

Plus, I like the awareness I get when the screen lights up from a notification. With an always on display I believe it will be somewhat less noticeable.

Please correct me if you believe I’m missing something.

I see on poster listed that on a certain display there maybe a 1% drain.

I’m like nooooo. . . I need that 1%. Lol

We always want more, bigger battery, longer life and it’s never enough. I just don’t see myself taxing my phone more than I already do.

I feel the same about 5G. My phone is plenty fast without the extra battery drain. I don’t need a “blink” and “you have downloaded the Mandalorian Episode”speeds.

They stream and download fast enough.

That is until 8k becomes the standard and we need that speed. But that’s a ways off and when that happens we will have 5G coverage.

I’m like.. . . 5 years from now.

Maybe 10

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