Microphone Speaker Simulations : Speakers

Speakers, a new convolution plug-in effect by the audio software company AudioThing, recreates the sound emitted by different models of microphones and loudspeakers. Designed with user configuration in mind, Speakers includes a variety of speakers, microphones, distortion models, and background noises, which all can be shaped and rerouted to impart the specific true-to-life characteristics of classic, and unusual, studio equipment.

The main section of Speakers supplies two selection screens, which have visual representations of the emulates devices of the plug-in. Each screen provides a dropdown menu for choosing the microphone and/or loudspeaker model, and a settings section that flips the screen over to reveal additional controls to manipulate the provided device emulation convolutions. AudioThing features convolution impulse responses recorded from 32 types of real analog microphone options that include: condensers, dynamics, ribbons, and more, as well as 50 loudspeaker types, which include: cabinets, devices, phone, radios, speakers, and toys.

Fit into a dark interface with wooden-like side panels similar to traditional rack hardware, Speakers has arranged additional effects around the selection screens, to apply more grit in post-production and sound design applications. The effects include: distortion, compression, multi-mode filter and noise, as well as an internal routing module to customize Speaker’s signal path. Speakers come with a variety of effects styles, including 15 distortion and degradation models, as well as 42 background noises.

Speakers is a high-quality effect that’s reliable for musicians and film audio applications alike. Users will appreciate the generous selection of presets, in addition to its ability to generate new presets on the fly with a preset randomizer function.

Image Credit: AudioThing Ltd.

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