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After all the stress you go through at work or even in your daily life, it’s so important to just take a day off and relax. Thanks to technology, relaxing your mind and developing a more focused work week will get easier. Today’s daily digest highlights some of the best mindfulness gadgets that can actually help you de-stress and live a more relaxed and peaceful life.

Whether you do yoga or pilates or just prefer to hit the gym every week, mindfulness can help you make the most of your health regime. But, without being able to track the progress, you will not be able to feel the benefits of relaxing your mind. That’s where these mindfulness gadgets come in.

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From smart headbands to anxiety-reducing tools, our Sunday roundup has all the best mindfulness gadgets you can have in your life today. All you have to do is pair them with their corresponding apps—or just use them by themselves—and you’re sure to feel relaxed from all the stress of the week.

Muse 2 Meditation Headband

Yoga is a great way to relax your mind, and the Muse 2 Meditation Headband can make it easier. This wearable device actually gives you live feedback about your brain activity, breathing, heart rate, and more. This way, you can get more out of your session. And just after meditating, you can check your data on the app, so you know how to improve the next time.

Elo at-Home Hot Stone Spa Experience

An Elo at-Home Stone Spa Experience is the way to go if you want to melt your stress away at home. Place these heavy, hand-shaped volcanic stones anywhere on your body to distress and soothe sore muscles. These stones are one of those must have mindfulness gadgets that pretty much anyone can get behind.

Shift Mindfulness Anxiety-Reducing Tool

Have you ever wished you could exhale your anxiety away? A Shift Mindfulness Anxiety-Reducing Tool is what you need. Inspired by the techniques of 17th century Japanese monks, this jewelry helps shift your focus. Breathe in slowly, then exhale through The Shift for 8-10 seconds. You’ll release all the air and toxins from your body and ‘shift’ your thoughts to your breathing.

AROMEO Sense Smart Sleep Aid

An AROMEO Sense Smart Sleep Aid makes it easier to sleep. This cool sleep aid uses aroma, light, and sound therapy to relax the senses and calm the mind. Can you imagine falling asleep to a dimming sunset, gentle music, and a sedative woody aroma? It’s possible with this device on our list of must-have mindfulness gadgets.

Core Meditation Trainer

Meditation can be hard. While isn’t always easy to clear your mind, the Core Meditation Trainer can help you improve. This device tracks your meditation history, showing you how far you’ve come. It also has a built-in ECG sensor and lets you access guided meditation experiences, furthering the wellness experience. Thinking of nothing might just be achievable after all.

Umay Rest Thermal Meditation Device

Yes, you can reset the amount of time you spent looking at a screen today. And the Umay Rest Thermal Meditation Device is the way to do it. This device sits on your eyes and uses a patented thermal therapy to counteract the effects of working that the computer all day and hours of scrolling. It allows for a better night’s sleep and improves your eye health.

Kasina DeepVision Bundle

Or you could go for the Kasina DeepVision Bundle. This high-tech meditation system is like AR gear for your meditation practice. It comes with eyewear, headphones, and its own console. The system is based on an ancient meditation technique that uses visual objects to focus the mind. You can use this setup in a similar way to improve your mood and reduce stress.

Kasina DeepVision Bundle

Kasina DeepVision Bundle with a man and a woman

MeloMind Relaxation Headset

A MeloMind Relaxation Headset is one of those must have mindfulness gadgets that trains your brain to relax. It uses electroencephalographic technology to help you cope with stress, reduce depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more. It sounds a little like Sci-Fi, but this headset is seriously comfortable and plays soft music that relaxes your brain’s neuroplasticity.

Unyte Interactive Meditation Device

And you can use the Unyte Interactive Meditation Device for a truly immersive VR meditation experience. This futuristic meditation device gives you more than 50 digital and virtual reality experiences to choose from. As you use it, the device actually monitors your physiological state making your meditation sessions more effortless and fun.

Dreamlight Rechargeable Sleep Mask

Sometimes it’s hard to drift off at night. For those times, use the Dreamlight Rechargeable Sleep Mask. Place it over your eyes to block out the light and hear nature sounds as you fall into a deep sleep. Or, use it to grab a quick but restorative nap. The soft green light wakes you up at the best time in your sleep cycle.

We hope you love the products on this list of must have mindfulness gadgets. And we think you’ll agree with us when we say there are so many high-tech ways you can feel your best. Let us know which of these gadgets you liked the most in the comment section.

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