OptiLookNPick Review – Keep Your Ears 100% Healthy and Clean!

Do you have problem removing earwax that block your hearing? Do you wise to view the blockage in your nostrils that won’t come out? If yes, keep reading.

The ear, nose and throat easily get irritated or infected, and it is up to use to keep a close watch on these areas in our body.

How well can we do that without hurting ourselves? The answer is really easy, with OptiLookNPick you can examine these areas in your body without hurting yourself. It will help you detect infections at an early stage and thus treat them before it gets any worse.

The OptiLookNPick is an examining and cleaning tool that works to keep you healthy always!

Kindly read through this OptiLookNPick Review to learn more about it. Thank you…

What is OptiLookNPick Ear Wax Remover?

OptiLookNPick Ear Wax Remover

The ears can become clogged for several reasons. Whether there is a buildup of hair products, dust, and dander or someone falls ill with sinus troubles, the ears can quickly become plugged with wax. Most people clean out their ears with the use of a cotton-tipped swab, but there’s no easy way for the average consumer to see how much of the earwax needs to be removed. The OptiLookNPick endoscopic pen cameras have different resolutions and can provide the user with an interesting and helpful view of what’s going on in the ears with just a pen camera and a phone.

OptiLookNPick is a 2-in-1 inspection and cleaning tool providing users with an easy way to see what needs to be cleaned out from their ear canals. By having this view to eliminating ear wax as it builds, users can reduce the risk of an ear infection and irritation before it even begins. If the user already has an ear infection, they can reduce inflammation by having a clear view of what they need to clean. The OptiLookNPick is considered as an easy-to-use ear inspection and cleaning tool.

OptiLookNPick provides consumers with an easy way to clean, but so do other products. Where this tool truly stands out is the camera. With a simple cord that plugs directly into the user’s phone, consumers can stick the OptiLookNPick camera attachment into their ear and see every piece of earwax and hair inside. While users examine their ear, this is the opportune time to check for inflammation and other buildups, removing it shortly after.

The device doesn’t take much time to set up, despite the advanced technology used to create an endoscopic camera. Plus, the narrow design makes sure that consumers aren’t just limited to checking their ears! With OptiLookNPick, getting a better look in the nasal cavity, throat, and even bellybutton is much more comfortable. As long as users keep this tool clean between uses, this would also be a great accessory to use on pipes, car repairs, and any other dark and tight place that is otherwise hard to view with just a flashlight.

Features of OptiLookNPick

  1. Micro camera technology: 0.3 mega pixel camera will give you a zoomed in picture of some tight spots of your ear canal.
  2. 6 LED lights: Camera consists of 6 small LED lights that will help you see a clear view of narrow and tight spots in your body. 
  3. Earwax Removal: A highly effective device comes with various sterile metal ear picks for getting rid of excess ear wax.
  4. Reducing Inflammation: Having a clean ear canal reduces inflammation and it can be done with OptiLookNPick tool by your side.
  5. Spot infection before it builds up: With OptiLookNPick, you can spot build up of bacteria in your ear and get rid of them before it results to an infection
  6. Easy setup: OptiLookNPick is easy to set up as it is easy to use. You will have no problem setting it up as it comes with an explanatory instruction guide manual.
  7. Easy Cleaning: OptiLookNPick provides an incredible viewing access inside your ear, with the help of the endoscopic pen camera which allows you inspect your ear canal up close and in real time on your smart device to optimize your cleaning.
  8. Medical perspective: Get better insight into your health with an amazing device used by medical experts.
  9. Gives an awareness: By using this tool, you will detect any possible risks and will be aware of potential medical issues.
  10. Multifunctional: OptiLookNPick is designed not only for your ear canal, but also any other spot of your body which can be difficult to see or investigate.

Why should you have OptiLooknPick?


Optilooknpick is an innovative device for perfect inspection and cleaning of different parts of our body that ordinarily will pose a challenge to clean. It is designed to be the most accurate, reliable, easy-to-use ear inspection and cleaning tool on the market today. 

OptiLookNPick is more like an endoscopic camera that shows you the internal picture of the ear canal, nasal cavity, throat, and other body parts. OptiLookNPick tells you about the surface you are using it on at that point in time. It is very reliable as it is capable of giving you the situational view of a particular spot thereby giving you the most in-depth look at your health.

OptiLookNPick’s design allows you to look into your ear canal to check for earwax blockage, irritation, and infection. With it, you can have a rough sketch and view of what is likely wrong in your ear. OptiLookNPick is perfect for those who like to clean their ears but know of the damage that cotton swabs can cause, or people who want to be proactive about their health.

If you have this device, OptiLookNPick, you can also use it to examine your nose and throat. OptiLookNPick is ideal for quick check-ups when you’re feeling under the weather and catching infections before they worsen. OptiLookNPick gives you an in-depth look at your health in real-time. It takes minutes to set up and is super easy-to-use.

Beyond health, you can also use this device to check parts of your car or other things you would want to have in-depth look at especially if it is a hallow pipe.

Benefits of OptiLookNPick [OptiLookNPick Review]

  • Perfect For Your Ears – OptiLookNPick allows you look into your ear canal to examine or check for earwax blockage, infection or/and irritation. OptiLookNPick is perfect for those who know the risk of using cotton swabs and like to keep their ears clean.
  • Great For Throat and Sinuses – This product can also be used for the throat and nose. OptiLookNPick is ideal for quick home check-ups, when you feel like something is blocking your nasal passage or you have an injury in your throat and think it might get infected or worse. You can use OptiLookNPick to examine it quickly.
  • A Good Way to Keep a Close Watch on Your Health – OptiLookNPick is designed to help you take closer look at those impossible parts in your body. It is the most accurate, reliable, easy to use ear inspection and cleaning tool on the market today. Thanks to its endoscopic camera, you can look into your ear canal, nasal cavity, throat, and so on.
  • Great For Viewing Anything You Can Think Of! OptiLookNPick can do more than just examining and cleaning the ear canal, examining the nose and throat. It can also be used for looking into tight dark corners like car engines, pipes and so on.

How to Get OptiLookNPick

As a way to bring OptiLookNPick to more people, the company’s limited quantities are available with “special pricing” right now, which means that they are significantly discounted.  On the official website, a single OptiLookNPick tool is $29.99, though it is typically $49.98. The most significant package offered is a four-pack of the tools, which has dropped down from $199.93 to $95.99.

Even if the user finds that this product isn’t for them, they can try it out for a month before sending it back for a refund.


OptiLookNPick seems like a small tool, but it can take on projects of all sizes. From taking a peek inside an ear canal to figuring out what’s clogging a pipe, the camera at the end of this tool gives a perspective that no other item can. The endoscopic camera comes with several attachments for optimal cleaning, and, though it isn’t a replacement for a visit to the doctor, it helps to check for inflammation, overproduction of wax, and more that could warrant an appointment.

To have one of these useful utensils at home and readily available may be a smart choice to make ahead of time.  Click here to buy an OptiLookNPick today with a 50% discount automatically applied  while availability lasts as supplies are limited due to its freshness, demand, and practicality.

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