Pi and Arduino-based CHOP gives Spot a run for his money

Pi and Arduino-based CHOP gives Spot a run for his money

Having written about the Petoi Bittle recently, the robo pup project successfully featuring on KickStarter, here comes CHOP bounding along with a robotic gait.

It’s featured on the ever-excellent Hackaday and is described as an open source quadruped robot.

Its creator, Miguel, writes:

Being a undergradute in physics and bored of solving paper problems, i decided to solve and apply a real world problems so i started this robotics project in order to introduce my self to control theory, studying its maths and practising programming.

It runs with Raspberry Pi 4 as brain, plus an Arduino Mega for reading/writing of signals of 12 hobby servos and IMU, controlled by a PS3 Dualshock.

You can find the full code (Python 3) on Github. He even provides a bibliography for all his reading around the necessary topics. It’s a serious body of work with full details online.

Check out the video below, of the prize winning entry.

Image: Hackaday

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