Problems with Apple TV 4K connected to LG CX and LG SN9YG : appletv

I’m having multiple issues with the audio coming from my Apple TV 4K that’s connected to the LG Oled CX followed by a soundbar using eArc.

When switching between apps, and sometimes between different views within an app, there’s a static noise (white noise) coming from the speakers. I’ve attached a clip below as an example.

The volume of the media on the Apple TV is significantly lower than the volume of the audio coming from the smart TV-apps on the TV (e.g. Netflix). This goes for everything except Atmos content.When changing the Audio Format setting on the Apple TV from “Auto, Atmos available” to “Dolby Digital 5.1” everything sounds fine and loud, but I lose the ability to use Atmos when it’s available.

The connection on my soundbar says “eArc”/“PCM” when using the “Auto, Atmos…” setting. Shouldn’t the Apple TV output audio in LPCM when set to “Auto, Atmos…”, or is that the same thing as “PCM”? I read somewhere that PCM is 2.0 audio only.

When playing Atmos content, from Netflix for example, everything sounds fine. When leaving the Atmos media, all the other non-Atmos sound stutters or disappears altogether.

When this happens, I’ve tried restarting the Apple TV using “System > Restart”, but the problem persists. I need to restart the TV to reset the audio, which make me think that the TV is the problem.

I read somewhere that the latest firmware updates for the LG Oled CX would fix this, but I can’t seem to get ahold of the update. My current version is 03.11.30 and it says “No updates available”. I’m in Sweden, if that matters.

I have my Apple TV connected to the TV via an HDMI port and the soundbar connected to the TV via its HDMI eArc port.

I’ve tried changing all the HDMI cables to new, certified, HDMI 2.1 ones, which didn’t help.

On the TV I have;

  • eArc turned on.

  • Digital Sound Out set to Passthrough.

  • HDMI Input Audio Format set to Bitstream.

  • DTV Audio Settings set to Auto.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to solve these issues?

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