Proscenic M7 Pro LDS intelligent robot vacuum uses Vboost technology for maximum suction » Gadget Flow

Keep your floors cleaner than ever—with minimal effort—when you have the Proscenic M7 Pro LDS intelligent robot vacuum. This cool robot vacuum cleaner has a Vboost feature that automatically increases suction power to the maximum mode when it detects carpet. This smart robot vacuum intelligently travels about and maps your home. As it works, it creates a real-time map of your house to plan the ideal cleaning path. Its 24 sensors locate obstacles and help the machine learn the shape of your house. So it’s like you’re there, adjusting the power depending on what you need to vacuum. Best of all, this smart home gadget offers two-in-one cleaning since it can sweep, mop, or sweep and mop synchronously. It’s a smart vacuum that really does it all.

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