Ready, set, draw! A multiplayer game where A.I guesses your drawing : iphone

Maybe Apple Arcade has spoiled me, but the ads are terrible. I get that you need support in order to upkeep the app, but these ads have a tiny x button cropped off in the top left corner that’s almost impossible to see. Sometimes the x is next to an “INSTALL NOW” button and when I try to hit the x, it yanks me out of the game and takes me to the App Store. Some ads have no x at all.

Other than that, needs more variety in prompts, I had a few repeats in my few minutes of playing. Perhaps it could use a mode where you are given no prompt, you draw whatever you want and the AI guesses, the user indicates if it’s correct or incorrect. It could probably strengthen the AI that way. You probably have two completely separate scripts, one to give the prompts and run the mechanics of the game and to check if the AI is correct, and the other is the AI that runs separate from the other script. But it feels weird when you have a computer tell you “draw a bus”, you draw a bus, and the same computer says “hey, that looks like a bus!” To users, it all feels like one computer, “the computer knows what I’m drawing because it just told me what to draw…hmm…” something they might think.

I’m not a programmer, not even close, I have no skill or knowledge in the area. It’s just my honest feedback. You’re off to a good start though.

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