Smart Pill ID – AI Powered Pill Identifier : iphone

For the last 3 years, I have been developing an application that utilizes smartphone cameras to identify pills using Artificial Intelligence. The AI extracts the imprint, color, shape and size and reverse searches several databases using the data. This app is available on the App Store.

I posted about this project last year and received a ton of feedback that I’ve used to enhance the application. I recently started working with a very large digital health marketplace that is providing me a lot more consumer friendly information and images. Additionally, I have added the ability to obtain research documents and labels straight from the manufacturer, FDA, and NLM.

I created this product to try and combat the near 10,000 US deaths every year due to pharmacy dispensing errors. I was nearly part of that statistic many years ago, when the pharmacist gave me pills over 100x the dose that was prescribed. The bottle was correct, the pill was correct, but the imprint was slightly different. I thought nothing of it. After taking the pill for several days, I noticed my BPM was in the 200’s at rest. I took a look at the pill again and decided to take it to the pharmacist where she broke down in tears asking for forgiveness.

Once you scan your pill, you will receive one or more possible matches. Upon selecting a match, you have the ability to view information on the pill, along with important information, precautions, and drug prices.

I believe this product can have life saving measures, but should not be used to make any sort of medical decision. There were concerns earlier that this app was storing medical information; this app does not collect any personal information or images.

I would love your feedback!

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