Sony Spatial Reality Display lets you authentically view 3D designs » Gadget Flow

The Sony Spatial Reality Display is a truly innovative gadget. Providing a lifelike three-dimensional viewing experience, this innovative 3D display has integrated eye-sensing technology. Using this, the new Spatial Reality Display detects where your eyes are to adjust the 3D image to each one. In fact, with its high-speed vision sensor, it tracks your eye movement within a millisecond. Amazingly, it can also sense your pupil position on the vertical, horizontal, and depth axes. Made with a real-time rendering algorithm, it processes content without any lag so your three-dimensional worlds appear just as real as the one you’re in. Sitting above the 15.6″ LCD display, its micro-optical lens divides the image between your left and right eyes. If you’re a creator, this is the gadget you need to create everything that comes into your imagination.

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