Surprise results: iPhones are still selling well

What if they threw a production cut rumor party and no one came?

Late last year (Remember 2020? It was in all the papers.), the Macalope speculated that the annual rumors of iPhone production cuts were just around the corner. But a funny thing happened on the way to the colosseum where they hold all the production cut rumor announcements. (If you didn’t get an invite, don’t feel bad—it’s a limited seating event and there are a lot of Forbes contributors.)

“Apple iPhones demand starts off 2021 strong”

What? What is a mythical beast even supposed to do with this? Print it out, fold it up and make a hat? He can’t wear hats because of the antlers. This is useless.

Wedbush Securities says Apple iPhone 12 demand is running hot.


[Wedbush Securities analyst Dan] Ives and team forecast that builds for total iPhones ticked up again another 5% over the last few weeks and are now in the 60M to 70M range for the current quarter.

That’s a lot of iPhones for the first calendar quarter.

Ives isn’t the only one suggesting the iPhone’s selling well going into the new year.

DigiTimes, usually a ready harbinger of trumped-up Apple doom, even went so far as to say that demand might even outstrip supply because of “a widening shortage of semiconductors for handset parts.”

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