The money-saving secret for savvy mobile users: the AT&T Unlock

A lot went on in 1855, Edison completed the 1st model for the phonograph, abolitionist Frederic Douglas was appointed marshal of Washington, D.C., and the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company was founded. Later to become AT&T, amongst the companies founders was Graham Bell, who earlier had patented the telephone. Little to the knowledge of its founders, AT&T would grow so big that in 1982 it would be forced to fragment at the instruction of regulators, who were concerned that the company, at the time also producing telephone equipment, had almost total control over the US telephone market.

Despite this breakup, AT&T is today both the largest telecommunications company in the world and the largest provider of mobile and fixed telephone services in the United States. Now headquartered in Texas, the company was ranked ninth on Fortune 500s list of the largest United States companies by revenue.

AT&T has around 75 million postpaid subscribers and 17 million prepaid customers, a total of over 90 million users. They also boast the lowest churn rate in the entire industry at around 1% of total users. Offering a range of market-beating deals on new devices, AT&T aggressively markets itself against its competitors, the value it offers to customers is central to AT&T’s success. It may be true that AT&T offers attractive deals to new mobile customers with prices that seem more than reasonable. There a money-saving secret that savvy that can save AT&T customers money when travelling, provide more flexibility as requirements change, and yield higher returns in the second-hand mobile market.

Unlock your AT&T mobile

Consumers are hungrier than ever for the latest technology, new devices hit the market more frequently than ever before. But this hunger comes at a cost, device prices are slowly rising, making it more difficult to purchase outright. Clever network providers have a solution to this. Known as the device contract, users can spread the handset cost over many months consolidating it with their data plan. However, these devices are almost always locked to that network, in this case, AT&T. Locked devices can be a serious pain for the modern consumer.

People’s needs are not static, our circumstances change, what is suitable at the time of purchase may well not be suitable just a few months down the line. In all walks of life and with almost all products customers seek flexibility with the purchases they make, being tied into long, arduous contracts is not usually preferential. With a locked device user are unable to access the growing market for SIM-only deals usually for a period of at least 2 years, meaning regardless of new developments in the market they are tied to the deal that suited them at the time of purchase, unable to save costs accordingly as firms compete for customers. Whether your device is paid for or not, unlocking it from AT&T means you can swap and change your SIM for any other network to suit your needs at the time, not tied to a contract.

Though users are keeping devices a little longer than before (known as the refresh cycle) they are increasingly opting to trade-in or recycle this device to recoup capital to contribute toward the cost of their next new device. Given the benefits of unlocked devices, the second-hand market value is around 20-30% for an unlocked device than one which is locked, they also sell significantly quicker. Given the relatively low cost of unlocking, this is a significant return on investment for something so simple.

More frequently than ever before people travel around the globe, whether for personal or professional reasons, travel has become a part of almost all of our lives. However, as we become more dependent on our devices in our navigation of the world and regular communication, travelling globally can be tricky. Locked devices are subject to roaming charges, these can be expensive and make travel less appealing. Unlocked devices cut out all of this, users with an unlocked device can simply purchase a local SIM, remove their domestic SIM, and continue to use their device as normal without any astronomical charges.

For savvy users, this is a must. You can perform a simple and effective AT&T Unlock with DirectUnlocks online now. There’s no need to send your device anywhere and unlocks can be performed from anywhere in the world, tracking your order from start to finish.

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