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Xiaomi’s concept phone boasts a relaxing display feature that resembles a waterfall effect. Utilizing every edge of the phone, Xiaomi wanted to create a device that is stunning to look at. Check out today’s blog to explore how about this feature.

The past couple of years have welcomed some unique smartphones—such as the TCL Foldable Prototype Phones that fold in three ways to expand the screen size or the Microsoft Surface Duo that has a dual-screen for when you’re in work mode. In fact, multiple screens and a foldable design seem to be a popular approach to smartphones of the future.

Now, Xiaomi is launching a concept phone that boasts a quad-curved waterfall screen. This innovative design creates a mesmerizing finish that utilizes all of the phone’s four edges. So when you’re not using your device to reply to emails or texts, it’ll provide a relaxing ambiance.

Uses an 88-degree quad-curved glass panel

The concept phone features a quad-curved waterfall screen and 3D bonding process to create a waterfall effect. But it doesn’t just present images, Xiaomi’s latest launch also displays text off of the screen to expand your view. And with these enticing visuals, the company claims that the phone wasn’t easy to make. In fact, the phone uses a hot-bending glass at a temperature of 800 degrees Celsius to create this effect.

Moreover, the phone features an under-display camera to prevent any cutouts. This design is unique for smartphones, which are often boasting more cameras on the back. And these cutouts prevent any disruptions to the waterfall effect.

Utilizes wireless charging and built-in speakers

Xiaomi’s concept phone doesn’t feature any ports but is compatible with wireless charging. In particular, you can use it with Xiaomi’s own Mi Air Charge technology. This charges the smartphone at 5 W from several meters away, so you don’t need a cord or have to be close by to the charging bank.

In addition, it features built-in speakers inside the flexible film display for high-end acoustic technology. This means that the phone isn’t futile but can also be used to listen to music and videos. We’re yet to discover any other specifications or features of this concept phone but we like what we see so far.

Overall, we’re excited to see this simple, yet futuristic, approach to smartphones. Boasting curved edges, it’ll feel smooth to hold and have a stunning display when it’s not in use.

What are your thoughts on Xiaomi’s concept phone? Is this something you can imagine using every day? Let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

Amy Poole is an Editor and Writer at Gadget Flow. When she’s not indulged in everything gadget-related, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Rosie, and keeping fit.

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