There has to be a better way

Okay. I am a sucker for meta data. Especially when it comes to live material and the where/when it was recorded. I would really love all that information be under “More Info” or something like that, instead of in the title. Look at this mess (see picture)

But it has to be better then this. Especially with multi-part songs.
On that note, iTunes does have a function where you can organize parts of a song under 1 master title like
I. Overture
II. The Temples of Syrinx
and so on
But hardly do I ever see it used properly. It’s sorely needed in progressive rock music that is littered with multipart tracks.

I would really like to see a function where you click on a track that’s 20 minutes long, and then maybe in a “more info” tab it gives you time stamps to the parts of the song so you can skip ahead If you want.
For a really long time I’ve wanted to see a toggle option to shuffle multi part songs as a whole or as parts.

Another idea I had is to have a master track and then a tab that unfolds to reveal different versions of that track, different remasters/takes/mixes/live versions and so on. That way when shuffling you will only hear the master track and not the 30+ different variations of it.

I have not seen a streaming app that is as OCD as I’d like it to be. Tidal comes close.

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