Top 10 Best Pogo Sticks – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Pogo sticks are simple but very useful toys for children and adults alike. They let you have a good time bouncing around and at the same time allow you to have some exercise. Your child experiences the same benefits, plus their energy gets used up quickly so they do not get too rowdy at home.

We reviewed the 10 best pogo sticks and compiled them here to help you choose the right pogo stick for you or your loved one. Like and share this with your friends who are interested in buying the best pogo sticks.

List of Best Pogo Sticks

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Our team at always provide the most honest opinion. Let’s read about these products in detail.

Top Rated Pogo Sticks – Reviewed

Last update on 2021-01-22 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

What is a pogo stick?

The Pogo Stick is built on a very basic and old principle: Springs bounce. That´s right, it is as simple as that. If you add a pole with handles, two foot rests on the sides and a rubber ending for grip you have yourself an exciting device that will bring you hours of healthy entertainment.

As the knees bend the spring contracts and once it is set loose, the pole is lifted several feet in the air. By balancing the body, you can move forward or sideways. Its main use is jumping, moving and having fun.

Buyer’s Guide for Pogo Sticks

The first and most important thing to look at when you are looking to get yourself a pogo stick is what the weight recommendations are for the device.

Going over the weight recommendations on a product can cause damage to the product and it can also cause the product to be void of any warranty that you had on the unit.

Another good thing to check are age recommendations for the product, especially if they don’t specifically list a weight limit on the product; you don’t want to be buying a pogo meant for a three-year-old if you are twenty years old.

Often times a company will make the same type of pogo stick but with a bit of a different design for different ages and weight ranges which is something to keep in mind if you find a stick that you like, but it isn’t capable of holding you.


No matter the pogo that you buy, each and every pogo on the market will have some kind of footpegs built into its design.

Depending on the manufacturer you will notice that some of these are smaller than others and some contain features like a non-slip surface in order to keep you a bit safer when you are jumping around.

You will want to find yourself a platform that is nice and wide if you are a beginner pogo jumper as this will help to allow you to balance easier and allow you to become better faster.


Many pogo sticks on the market will incorporate grips onto the handlebars of the unit in order to provide the user with a better grip so that they can have a more secure, safe pogo riding experience.

It is important to note that different manufacturers will use different techniques in order to add grip to their pogo sticks and you will surely develop an opinion on the type of grip that you like to have on your pogo stick as you ride more and try out a few different pogo sticks over time.

Different techniques used include: using rubber grips on the handle portion of the unit, using foam grips on the handle portion of the unit, and even covering the majority of the unit in foam in order to provide grip in almost all areas of the unit wherever you need it.


Depending on how much you spend on a unit, you will notice that different materials are used in the manufacturing process.

Generally speaking, you will find that a cheaper unit won’t have aluminum in its design and will likely be made out of steel or another hard cheap metal.

The cheaper the design, the more plastic parts that will be incorporated into it and too much plastic is going to make the unit less durable so you should always carefully look over the unit that you are thinking of purchasing in order to see if you can see any potential weak spots.

Most pogo sticks in the higher end of things won’t have a folding design as they will generally be meant to be able to jump higher and be made out of more solid materials, but you will find this feature on some of the lower end pogo sticks.

This is a great thing to have if you need to pack up your vehicle for a road trip, but you only have a limited amount of room available in your vehicle in order to hold everything that you need.


Some of the more expensive units on the market will have adjustment options built into their design. Most expensive units will allow you to twist the handlebars into a position that you want.

Another thing that you are likely to find on the more expensive pogo sticks is that there are removable footpads, handles as well as tips (bottom of the stick) on the unit so that you can continue to use the unit for a long duration of time and just replace the parts of the unit that get the most wear and tear when they are in use.


The tip of a pogo stick is the piece of rubber on the unit that actually touches the ground when you bounce and it is actually one of the most important components.

If you are a beginner, it is definitely a good idea to get yourself something with a bit wider of a tip so that you can learn to balance easier and be able to bounce off of the edges of the unit better rather than having to bounce straight up and down each and every time.

If you use the stick on a regular basis, this is the piece that you will need to replace over time as it has the most impact on the ground and wears out the fastest as a result.

It is never a bad idea to check and see how you can get the tip of a unit replaced before purchasing the unit so that you aren’t stuck buying a whole new stick a few years/ months/ weeks down the road as a result of a worn-out tip that you can’t replace.

The Pogo Stick Shaft

Depending on the unit that you buy, you will notice a difference in the size of the shaft as well as occasionally how the shaft is incorporated into the design.

Most pogo sticks will have one or two bars going downwards depending on the design of the unit. Generally, a two-bar unit will have a different bar for each handlebar and will be welded between the units in order to keep them together.

The two bar units will generally allow you to have a wider stance and some people do find these designs more comfortable to stand on for a longer period of time as a result of this feature.

The single shaft/ bar design will have both the handlebars be attached to one post and will generally offer a more narrow stance.

Different people definitely have different preferences when it comes to which design they like the best and you may even have to try out both options before making that decision for yourself.

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