watchOS 8 Concept Imagines Control Center for Apple Watch

Apple will launch the watchOS 8 next year. However, it is not stopping concept designers from imagining what the watchOS 8 would look like. YouTube Channel by the name “A Better Company” has come up with a watchOS 8 concept that looks amazing and addresses one of the problems Apple Watch users might face.

watchOS allows users to place multiple complications on the watch face. However, there is only so much space for complications. In other words, you will run out of the room after adding a few complications. Furthermore, you will also have to add complications to fill the watch face. The only way to avoid this is by using a minimalistic Apple Watch face.

The watchOS 8 concept solves this problem by offering a place to stash complications when not in use. Most of us use complications at regular intervals of time, and this feature is something that will come in handy. You will no longer have to use a watch face filled with complications. This way, the watch face is clean and only displays essentials. However, the purpose of owning a smartwatch is to access multiple information. For this, you have to opt for a watch face that is crowded with complication.

The watchOS 8 concept solves these shortcomings by designing a feature that looks like a control center. It can be opened by swiping up and access complications. This feature will work on all and any watch faces. Once you are done the complications will be stoved back, and the display will return to the minimalistic watch face.

What do you think of the watchOS 8 concept? Let us know in the comments below.

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